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Living Good to Grow!

At children’s museums and online, Good to Grow! supports you and your family in

  • Eating good foods (in the right amounts);
  • Getting plenty of exercise;
  • Tracking your screen time (computer and TV); and
  • Connecting with the outdoors.

You will find something new every day on Good to Grow! There are lots of reasons to come back regularly, but we never want you to stay too long. Use the clock at the top of the screen to track your screen time!

Here, in the Grown-ups pages, we’ve gathered lots of information, tips and tools to support your family's good health. Living Good to Grow! might be challenging at times, but we’ll have some fun along the way, too.

Use the buttons at the right to access great resources and quick tips. In the Parent Voices section, you can share your experiences, opinions and advice about raising a healthy family in our busy world. The Find a Museum section features a handy map listing children’s museums around the world. Look for a museum near you or stop by a new museum on your next vacation! Children’s museums are fun and active places to bring the whole family.

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